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Are you a Book Publisher? Noisy Book would love to talk with you.

Our technology already works with any Book, but we can easily make your books even more magical.

Working With Us.

Noisy Book contains a lot of technology under the hood, and we've made it really easy to get existing Publishers onboard.

Because we use the latest Machine Learning techniques, we can train Noisy Book on your books and provide a tailored experience based on either a broad theme, or an individual book. All we need is a few pieces of information.

Noisy Book can work with any literature: books, comics, magazines and more.

Our sound effects library is already huge, and we can happily source custom effects for you - or we can use a sound library that you might already have. Using our state of the art book detection, these sounds can be specific to you, so other books won't trigger your sound effects.

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