Noisy Book

This is Noisy Book

A truly magical way to enjoy reading Books.

Just read a Story, and Noisy Book brings it to life with automatic sound effects, a beautiful transcription, and a whole host of other amazing tricks.

Available for Free on the iOS App Store.


Super Kid Friendly

Noisy Book is designed for Kids, but Grown Ups will love it too.


Empowering and inspiring young people to enjoy reading books.

Read a Book

Your favourite books already work with Noisy Book. Any Book works!

Your Imagination

Fire up your imagination, get creative, and make your own Stories.

Automatic Effects

As you read, Noisy Book brings your story to life with amazing real-time sound effects and other effects.

Beautiful Transcriptions

Using just the power of your voice, create your own book, with transcriptions based on your speech inflection.

100% Private

Everything is processed on your device, using the latest ML and NLP techniques. It's super safe, and secure.

How it works

Read A Book - Great for kids under 6 years old

Grab your favourite story book (a real one, made of paper!), sit down with your littles ones and just read. Noisy Book will play sound effects and bring the story to life in a truly magical way. Your little ones will love it, and you'll seem like a super hero.

Make A Book - Perfect for kids aged 6 and above

Time to fire up those imaginations! Make up your own stories, and Noisy Book will transcribe them into a beautiful book whilst making sound effects and visual effects. Inspire young minds to become creative story tellers and watch their imaginations come to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices does Noisy Book work on?

We've worked super hard to make our app work on iPhone and iPad. It runs great on an iPhone 7 or above, or an iPad 3 and above. It needs iOS13.

What languages do you support?

Noisy Book works in: English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese (Simplified). We will be adding more languages soon.

How Does Noisy Book Work?

Noisy Book uses speech recognition, machine learning, natural languge processing and lots of other clever tricks to listen to your speech and understand your story. It then turns this into a beautiful transcription and is able to make magical sound effects, visual effects, and even ask you questions based on your story.

What ages is Noisy Book for?

There are 2 main ways to use Noisy Book. For children aged 2-5, Noisy Book can be used by an adult perhaps during a bedtime story. For older children, 6 and above, they can use Noisy Book themselves and become their own storytellers and creators.

What Stories work the best?

Noisy Book has been designed to work with any story in the whole world - even made up ones! It works really well for stories with animals in, but we also have sounds for vehicles, people and their jobs, environments, cartoon effects, household items and loads more. When reading a physical book, Noisy Book works best with shorter stories for children aged 2-5 years old.

Are there any In App Purchases?

All the features of Noisy Book are available for free. There is one In App Purchase which lets you save more than 1 Story.

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Story behind the app

Noisy Book was invented by a young Mum and her daughter who both enjoyed reading, but thought it would be fun if the books could make their own noises.

Luckily enough, the Dad of the family was an App Developer, so he was roped into making Noisy Book come to life. We are still a very small team, but passionate about making Noisy Book into a positive experience for kids and families to enjoy together.

We want to inspire young story-tellers, we want to see kids become content creators, not just content consumers, and we'd love to see our hard work having a positive impact on the world.


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